Becoming A Business Coach

Moving Forward. For those of you who read the last blog post, my side project is all but dead. Now it is time to move forward and walk into what God is giving me. It has almost been comical to me that I have been pushing so hard to start a business and create something that I will love to manage and take care of—while all along God has been leading me into a position of leadership for which I did not have to work for at all. I think the greatest lesson learned over the past year is that God’s power is infinitely more abundant than anything I could produce on my own.

Like I said, I have been pushing this internet business, thinking small, and reaching low, yet I have been unable to reach even this. Yet with my eyes closed, far less effort, and no experience, I am getting paid to learn under two great business coaches that are teaching me to be the same. I am not deserving of this at all, and I cannot contribute it to anything that I have done on my own.

I came into the business as an intern essentially, running errands, looking on during meetings, and helping wherever I could. I have learned extensively about non-profit organizations, teamwork in business, cold calling, video as a means of SEO, Non-GMO feed, and having fun while working. I still do whatever needs to be done, but I am now growing into a role that will stretch me beyond anything I have ever faced. I will soon be training groups how to work as a team, how to communicate, and how to approach certain situations. I am also going to be managing all of the contact that companies have between our business and theirs and then relaying this information to the other coaches in the organization. (Managing everything)

In the coming months, I will be posting all of the information that I will be gleaning from these mentors about becoming a successful business coach…so to all of you out there who have always wanted to leap into this field, stay tuned. I know that any info on the market right now about coaching and consulting is extremely expensive and hard to come by, but I will keep everything free and available to anyone wishing to use it.

I realize that this was a very short blog post, but I just wanted to give a quick update and some reasons why I will be posting about coaching, leading, and teamwork in the coming months. In the meantime, keep growing, keep serving, and most importantly, learn from my mistakes and follow the path that God has for you.

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  1. Hi Brad,

    This is a great article on God and Business. I like how you wove them together and questioned normality.


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