From: Mr. Samuel Adams To: American Christians

Samuel Adams Scary vs dangerous

  Now that I am a full-fledged crane operator, I have the privilege of listening to ten hours of whatever I please on a daily basis. A few months ago I used this liberty to listen to a podcast called: How I Built This. (Great podcast by the way)  This podcast is narrated by Guy […]

The Power Of Daily


I LOVE reading, and I especially love reading posts from authors that seem to be able to put things into words in ways that few others can.  One of the greatest authors in the business space that fits into this category is a man named Seth Godin.  I read his blog every day, and every […]

Another Business Blog???


Yep.  I am officially one of the millions of others online who wants to share information and experiences about the culture and livelihood that I walk in on a daily basis.  I want to start off by saying that I am by no means a guru on any subject, and I still make a lot […]

Best Christian Books (From a Guy’s Perspective)


One of my favorite pastimes in the evenings is to sit on the couch, sip a hot cup of Hemisphere coffee, and read a good book. There are a lot of wise, godly men out there that have the gift of putting concepts onto paper, and in doing so helping others to understand the world […]

Becoming A Business Coach


Moving Forward. For those of you who read the last blog post, my side project is all but dead. Now it is time to move forward and walk into what God is giving me. It has almost been comical to me that I have been pushing so hard to start a business and create something […]

A Seemingly Dismal 2013


When your biggest supporter loses optimism, the journey forward becomes a steep mountain to climb.  Am I in “The Dip,” or is this a project that needs crumpled and thrown in the trash? For the better part of two years, I have been plunging into the world of Internet marketing and website development. It all […]

Who Is Your Master?


What do you mean who is my master?  I am my own master!!!  Is this what you were thinking when you read the title for this post?  Maybe you weren’t consciously, but if you had to think about it for a second, would this be your answer?  If it is, I am glad you are […]