Extinguish Your Business Headaches

308614-005There once was a man who loved to make shoes. These shoes were handmade, and every pair was made of pure leather; only the finest materials were used. His family and friends bugged him and continued to spur the man on to create a business out of this love for shoe making. The man was so fed up with hearing his family and friends’ opinions that he finally caved in and opened a small store. The first year was booming, and everyone wanted a pair of the famous man’s shoes. Problems began to arise, though, as the company continued to grow and demand continued to rise. The man hired employees in a haste to handle the fires that started popping up all around him. To his chagrin, his solution became his biggest problem—the employees only created more fires than there had been before! This is when the man formulated his idea of what business really was: business=headaches, stress, and frustrations. His solution? Sell the business and run with the money.

That’s Me!
Does this sound familiar at all? Maybe you don’t make shoes, but there is a good chance that you deal with some of problems that this shoemaker had. If we could give a job description to 80% of small business owners in America, it would look like this:
-10% of time: Generating new business, working on the business.
-90% of time: putting out fires.

fire-300x200If this is you, then I would highly suggest reading the upcoming series of blog posts. I will insert a guarantee right here: You have the opportunity to minimize the fires in your company, and in doing so reduce the amount of stress and frustrations that you face on a daily basis. I will warn you though, it isn’t always an easy path getting to the place that you need to be. Creating and fixing systems is time consuming and frustrating at the beginning of the process.
Our goal over the next few weeks is to help you get from a place of putting fires out to a place of fire prevention. You will quickly find that fire prevention is easier to manage, better for morale, and causes increases in efficiency and growth almost immediately. I hope that you are as excited as I am, because this could be a life changing process for you and your business.

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