Discipleship: Why We Are Getting It All Wrong

My wife and I are missionaries in an Asian country, so we have had to chew on this subject a lot. We hear the word time and time again in our churches, but can we describe it succinctly to someone who would ask us the question: what is discipleship, really?  What does it look like, […]

The Great Commission: The Calling Of Every Christ Follower

the great commission

A person’s final words are notoriously important. How many movies have a tear jerking scene where an important character is taking their final breaths, but they muster up the energy to coarsely get out one last life-altering message to a loved one? I can easily think of several. Jesus isn’t dead. He rose again and […]

What Is The Gospel? Is It Relevant in 2020?

what is the gospel

What is the gospel?  This is one of the most important questions you will ever ask.  It has ramifications for the rest of your life, no matter what you do with the answer you are given…Yes, even in 2020.  It is also an easy yet difficult question to answer, so I will divide it into […]

Third Culture Kids: The Challenges and Rewards Of Living Abroad

third culture kids

I could probably go on for ever about this topic, as it’s so close to my heart. I’m the mother of four third culture kids, and it’s an ever-learning, ever-growing, ever-surrendering journey for me. I was not raised as a third culture kid, so the learning curve is steep. I was raised on a beautiful […]

Is Masturbation A Sin? (If I Don’t Look At Porn)

is masturbation a sin

This is undoubtedly an age-old question that has been around for centuries: Is masturbation a sin?  Although there aren’t any perfect answers to this, (If there were then there wouldn’t be so many people asking it) I will try to help you process the question in a way that gives you a better understanding by […]

Business As Mission: The Ultimate Guide

So you have been throwing around the idea of starting a business as a mission, but you don’t even know where to start?  That’s where I was when I first approached the idea as well.  I felt like God was calling me to make disciples of all nations, but I wasn’t a traditional pastor, I […]

From: Mr. Samuel Adams To: American Christians

  Now that I am a full-fledged crane operator, I have the privilege of listening to ten hours of whatever I please on a daily basis. A few months ago I used this liberty to listen to a podcast called: How I Built This. (Great podcast by the way)  This podcast is narrated by Guy […]

How Much Do We Give, Christian? (Infographic)

When you think about the Christian leaders or mentors in your life, what are their defining characteristics?  What are the things that you watch them do on a daily basis that make you say, wow, he is a man of God? Although there are many things that could fit into this category, one of the […]

How To Make Someone’s Day In The Next 5 Minutes

On Tuesday evening, I was having a great conversation with one of my good friends on the topic of business and leadership. I was telling him how I would like to start a small mastermind/forum for a passionate group of Christian leaders who need support and accountability. He thought that it would be a great […]

The Power Of Daily

I LOVE reading, and I especially love reading posts from authors that seem to be able to put things into words in ways that few others can.  One of the greatest authors in the business space that fits into this category is a man named Seth Godin.  I read his blog every day, and every […]