How To Make Someone’s Day In The Next 5 Minutes

On Tuesday evening, I was having a great conversation with one of my good friends on the topic of business and leadership. I was telling him how I would like to start a small mastermind/forum for a passionate group of Christian leaders who need support and accountability. He thought that it would be a great idea because that is exactly what he gets from one of his mentors at work, and it has transformed his life.

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He then began to tell me one of the stories that his mentor had recently talked to him about. He told me that this mentor had been a pastor for over twenty years before joining his current company as a full-time life coach. He said that during his tenure as a pastor, he could count on one hand how many times someone went out of their way to just say “thank you pastor, for everything that you do.”

After he told me this, I began to think about my own life. How many times had people told me that I had done a great job of leading them or performing a certain job for them, and on the flip side, (and more importantly) who had I thanked?

The sad truth in all of this is that we expect someone to do a great job, so nothing is said to the leader when she is doing what she is supposed to be doing. When things start to go bad, though, that is when you will start to hear people telling the leader what kind of a job they think she is doing.

How great does it feel to you when someone goes out of their way just to say “thanks man, you do such a great job of finding the needs in our business and hustling to get them done.”

Let me end this post with a challenge. Call, email, or text someone right now that serves you in any capacity, and try to make it someone that you have thanked before. I can guarantee that it will make their day, and probably yours as well.


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