The Power Of Daily

I LOVE reading, and I especially love reading posts from authors that seem to be able to put things into words in ways that few others can.  One of the greatest authors in the business space that fits into this category is a man named Seth Godin.  I read his blog every day, and every day without fail I come away inspired with the few paragraphs that he gives to all his readers.  It would take me hundreds of words to write what he manages to say in 50.  He wrote a post in December that has stuck with me ever since, on the idea of “daily.” I would encourage you to read that HERE before going any further in this post.

365Logo-410x332After reading this, I began to think about how I could apply this to my own life. What were the things that mattered to me most, and was I giving to them daily? If not, what would the impact be if I changed this and began to discipline myself to commit time and energy to whatever it was that I told myself was important.  I then decided to write down the “most important” categories in my life, and they shook out like this:

  1. Relationship with Christ
  2. Relationship with Family (My wife and son)
  3. Business relationships

When I began to at these three categories more closely, I started to realize that although I thought I gave time to each of these categories regularly, it was definitely not daily.  It was more like sporadic at best, and I could see the effects that it was having on those relationships.  I then went through each category and created a game plan for how I was going to carve time into my day to build these relationships to the place they need to be in order for my life to be based on truth, trustworthiness, and faithfulness to what God has for me.

Here is what I wrote for each category:

#1. Relationship With Christ

I was already attempting to read my Bible on a daily basis, but it was not happening daily. One of the major reasons for this was that I was not on a particular plan, and so I was kind of just going through the motions most of the time. Needless to say, when you are reading God’s Word sporadically, you begin to have a lot of highs and lows and you go through streaks of good decisions as well as poor ones.  I decided that the best way for me to make this a daily habit was to get on my Bible app, finally create a “user account” instead of being anonymous, and start using the free “One Year Bible Plan that they offer.  Although I have read through the Bible, I have never used a “One Year Bible,” but I must say that I really like the layout and it has been working really well so far.  The app also reminds me daily, which is another good way to get the habit going.

#2. Relationship With My Family


One of the reasons that I believe the post that Seth wrote on Dec. 21st stuck out to me was that I had just made a commitment to my wife.  Our anniversary is on December 9th, which means I had just given her a gift.  Now, I have to confess here that I am not very good at voicing my love for my wife all of the time, and words of affirmation just so happens to be her  number one love language.  Because of this, one of the things that I made for her was this calendar type thing that you see above.  There are 365 pages on this beauty and I am going to write a note on each one of those throughout the year.  I don’t really know where the inspiration came from to be honest, but it has been incredible for our relationship.  She loves getting to hear what goes on inside this brain about her on a daily basis, and I have begun to build an even greater appreciation for who she is and what she means to me.  What is really cool is that I can even throw coupons (Car cleans, back rubs, girl’s night out) and other surprises in there to keep it fresh every day.

#3. Business Relationships

Business relationships are very important to me, and I always love making new ones.  The problem with a growing network of relationships is that often times the ones that you need/want to keep close end up suffering.  One of my good friends named Kevin West who is also a business coach gave me some good advice on this.  He told me to write down the names of my “top 25,” and put a high priority on those individuals. I also took a step further on this and wrote down the “top 5” of my top 25.  I then look at this list every morning and write down notes that contain ways to help these 25 people, as well as deciding on who I can check in on and just say hello.  What I mean by helping them often means finding a tool or piece of information that I believe would be beneficial, and then I email it to them and let them decide wha they want to do with it.  This shows each person that I care about their success, and I stay top of mind.

I just recently implemented most of these daily routines, and I will admit that I have already failed reaching the 100% mark in carrying them out.  The good news, though, is that I can already see huge benefits to having this daily mindset for these three categories.  Just like Seth said in his post, I don’t have to think about the what of today’s agenda, just the how, and instead of acting when the spirit moves, I act daily and the spirit moves daily.

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